Independence day is coming up very soon and it's a time to celebrate. Celebrate being an American, being proud to call this place home, and being proud of living here. Do we have problems in America? Of course. There still is no other place in the world I'd rather live.

Grills in Iowa will be out in full force over the weekend and I'd like to try and settle one debate right now. Are you eating hot dogs or hamburgers this weekend? Hard-hitting journalism, I know, but it's time we settle this once and for all. Who cares if both of these items are some of the more unhealthy foods you can eat, they are both delicious and we're celebrating.

According to USA Today, Iowa eats roughly 229 hamburgers per capita and 207 hot dogs per percapita on Independence Day. To be honest these numbers are a lot closer than I would've guessed. The reason I say that is because Fox Business reports around 150 million hot dogs will be eaten while 375 million burgers will be consumed, in America, on Independence day. There's a much bigger percentage gap between hot dogs and hamburgers for Americans than Iowans.

While I might be in the minority with this one...I'm signing up for a loaded hot dog every time.

Unsplash - Ball Park Brand
Unsplash - Ball Park Brand

I honestly think it all comes down to the convenience factor for me. They're so much faster to make, it's so much easier to throw some toppings on and hit the ground running, and you don't even necessarily need a plate to eat these. If you want to grab 2 or 3 at a time you can easily carry that many. Try carrying 2 or 3 hamburgers at a time. It'd be a pain in you know what. I swear I might try and eat 10 cheddar-worst hot dogs on Monday. I don't even care that I don't know what they're made out of. They taste great so I'm assuming there's nothing good for me inside of them.

In my experience burgers are always messier, take longer to grill, and I don't know what it is about burger buns, but there's always way too much bread, and not enough burger patty. I'm not saying I don't eat hamburgers either. They're great! But I'm trying to eat while keeping on move with whatever backyard party game I'm participating in.

I'm not here to shame the burger-loving community, as I mentioned before, I'm sure I'm in the minority when you place hot dogs vs hamburgers but I plan to stand my ground this weekend at my friend's cookout.

Don't even get me started on potato salad or baked beans... we all know what the correct answer there is.

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