According to some people, yes.

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The Iowa State Capitol Building really is a beauty...

This building located in Des Moines is one of the largest gilded domes in the entire country.  At its base, it is approximately eighty diameters and the building measures up to be 275 feet high.

The inner dome of the building is made of aluminum leaf.

Multiple publishers say that the Iowa State Capitol Building is one of the best looking capitol buildings in the entire country.

In a top 10 list, Iowa came in at number 3 on "Most Beautiful State Capitol Buildings in the USA."  Massachusetts State House in Boston come in at number 1 and Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison at number 2, according to Attractions of America.

Another video series I found actually ranked Iowa at the very top of the list. Harrison Jordan, or @world.geo on Tik Tok carefully crafted this list of all of the capitol buildings in the country and put the Des Moines building at number one!

I can get behind this!

Another series this social media creator did was a ranking of the welcome signs for each state. Iowa actually ended up coming in at 13!

While you may agree that Iowa has one of the best-looking capitol buildings in the country, you've gotta question the source. Jordan has made multiple different series on his channel ranking different aspects about America.

One of them included his ratings of the capitol buildings, and ANOTHER popular series had the young man ranking states by their "natural beauty."

Guess where he placed Iowa?

At the very BOTTOM of the list...

You can check out that video down below!

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