People all across North America are gearing up for a major spectacle in the sky.

On April 8th, 2024, many people in America will be able to witness a total solar eclipse.

A "total solar eclipse" takes place when the moon completely covers the sun, according to reports.

This is an amazing sight to see!

Unfortunately, Iowans probably won't be able to see the eclipse in totality.

If you're interested in making a bit of a trek to see this, might we suggest heading out to Illinois?

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Best In the Midwest

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As we previously mentioned, if you live in Iowa and are hoping to get a glimpse of'll be a bit out of luck.

However, if you are willing to travel to one of our neighboring Midwestern states, you actually could see the eclipse in all of its glory.

According to reports, totality will sweep through Illinois at 13:58:22CDT (1:58 PM CDT) right along the Mississippi River.

The following towns in Illinois will see totality for a brief period of time on April 8th.

  • Carbondale (four minutes and nine seconds) at 13:59 CDT
  • Marion (four minutes and seven seconds) at 13:59:45 CDT
  • Makanda (four minutes and eight seconds) at 13:59 CDT
  • Murphysboro (four minutes and six seconds) at 13:59 CDT
  • Giant City State Park (four minutes and eight seconds) at 13:59 CDT
  • Cairo (three minutes and five seconds) at 13:59 CDT
  • Mt. Vernon (three minutes and forty-four seconds) at 14:00 CDT
  • Salem (two minutes and forty-eight seconds) at 14:01 CDT
  • Olney (three minutes and fifty seconds) at 14:02 CDT
  • Greenup (one minute and fifty-four seconds) at 14:03:35 CDT
  • Du Quoin (three minutes and fifty-five seconds) at 13:59:40 CDT

The highly anticipated shadow will be leaving Illinois at 14:07:11 CDT, experts predict. 

Best Iowa Towns If You Want to See the Solar Eclipse


Most towns in the Hawkeye State will get a good look at this solar eclipse. While Iowans won't necessarily witness totality, the view will still be amazing.

If you're looking for the best spot to watch the eclipse, then make sure you're in one of these Iowa towns. Here are the best towns to be in on April 8th based off of eclipse magnitude.

Eclipse magnitude is the amount of the Sun's disk that's covered mid-eclipse. 

In the majority of these towns, the eclipse is set to move through at approximately 12:44 CDT and wrap up at around 14:01 CDT, according to experts.

  1. Keokuk ~ 92.5% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  2. Sandusky ~ 92.3% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  3. Mooar ~ 92.3% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  4. Galland ~ 92.2% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  5. Summitville ~ 92.2% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  6. Montrose ~ 92.1% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  7. Kemper ~ 92% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  8. Fort Madison ~ 91.9% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  9. Spring Grove ~ 91.9% magnitude at mid-eclipse point
  10. Vincennes ~ 91.9% magnitude at mid-eclipse point

If you're a bit confused as to what 90% totality looks like, take a look at this video down below!

You can check out what it will look like outside your window here!

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