WalletHub complied data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia to see which states fair the best for women. See here where Iowa ranks.

WalletHub took components from 23 key indicators of living standards and came up with a 100 point scale. 60 of those points were taken from Women's Economic and Social Well-Being and 40 points were taken from Health Care and Safety. Iowa ranks 9th in the country for best states for women.

Some of the factors in "Women's Economic and Social Well Being" are:

Median Earnings for Female Workers
Unemployment rate for women
Job Security for women
High School Graduation rates
Unaffordability of Doctor visits

Iowa Rank: 10th

Some of the factors in "Heath Care and Safety" are:

Quality of Women's Hospitals
Female Uninsured Rate
Depression Rate
Suicide Rate
Prevalence of rape/stalking victimization among women

Iowa Rank: 9th

***BONUS*** Iowa ranked 5th in the country for High School Graduation Rate for Women

See where all states rank below for best states to live for women:

Source: WalletHub



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