Sometimes I feel like Iowa is the Florida of the Midwest. We have so many different types of people here, and while most of them are Iowa nice...some of them are just...strange.

I know that we have some interesting characters, and that we have a few non-upstanding citizens who are willing and able to break the law.

A Sioux City man has pleaded not guilty for one of the strangest charges I've heard of in Iowa.


One of the strangest charges I've ever heard of, period.

The Iowa man is being charged with attempted murder, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, and not one, but TWO counts of assault on a peace officer. It seems pretty serious, right? What if I told you that the "dangerous weapon" was actually a bow and arrow?

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This feels like something out of the Hunger Games, not the Midwest. The 47-year-old allegedly shot arrows at police officers when they came to a home in December. Police officials say that the individual, Mitchell Smith, was making threats against a neighbor.

There are no more details about what occurred when the officers arrived or if the dispute was resolved. However, reports say two officers were getting ready to leave when the Sioux City man came back around his house with the bow and arrow in hand. He fired a single arrow over one of the officer's head. After narrowly escaping and driving a short distance for their own safety the officers pulled over to take stock of the situation.


This odd missile hit a nearby house's roof, according to reports from the Sioux City Journal. After more officers were sent in for backup, Smith shot out yet another arrow that struck the roof of a neighboring building. An hour later he shot a fourth arrow. Luckily this shot missed its target, as did all of the previous ones.

Reports say that police officers subdued him and took him into custody.

That's so Iowa. 

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