I must say, I take exception to this study from the folks at WalletHub. According to their latest study, Iowa ranks pretty low in their Most Patriotic States in America survey. Where, between 1 (most) and 50 least, do we finish in Iowa?

We finished #29.

Seems low, no? I feel this is a very patriotic state personally. But WalletHub does not. Here's the methodology they used:

  • Military Engagement

  • Civic Engagement

For military engagement (number of military enlistee's, veterans and Peace Corp volunteers per capita) Iowa was 39th. For civic engagement (legal age citizens who votes in 2016 and highest volunteer rate) we finished 19th. Thus, we averaged out to 29th overall.

The top 5 most patriotic states, using this methodology were:

  • New Hampshire
  • Wyoming
  • Idaho
  • Alaska
  • Maryland

New Jersey finished last. Sorry, guys. Someone had to!

I still feel like this is way low. But if you use the WalletHub methodology, it's hard to argue I guess. But I see tons of American flags up and down my block, and all over the state when I travel. Perhaps it is more about the individual when it comes to patriotism.

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