Many things have changed in 2020 due to the pandemic. As we know we are wearing masks every where, have 6ft distancing circles on the ground, can't sing at church, can't have more than ten in a group when going to businesses or parties more than 25 and so much more. One thing I think many people have overlooked is how we greet people now. I know we have all joked about bumping elbows or fists as a temporary replacement for a greeting in 2020 but what if these greetings aren't just temporary? What if the American handshake disappears forever?

Think about it. Even before 2020, the handshake was slowly dissolving for a greeting. It was really only used in a professional setting and even then people did not know how to use a proper, strong handshake when meeting professionals. If you are meeting new people with friends or family, you may wave at them or give a head nod but there isn't much handshaking. So what does this mean for the handshake?

Personally, I believe once the pandemic is over, the handshake will be dead. People will be more conscious with how they greet others and avoiding making any unnecessary contact due to germs. It will be a whole new world in terms of how people interact but I think we might as well wave "goodbye" to the handshake.

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