A lot of people fly flags with pride and honor. Whether that's the American flag, a flag representing a branch of the military, a state flag, a flag with a sports team on it, or maybe even a radio station flag. Whatever flag(s) you fly, you normally don't get a chance to change the design of that flag or give input on a design change.

A new poll has come out showing what Iowans would want to see on a new state of Iowa flag if it was ever to change and the answers were typical Iowan answers.

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A new poll from MOJOMOX.com, an online designing site, conducted a poll of 3,236 Americans across each state asking them one question:

"If your state flag was to be redesigned, how would you like it to look?"

After collecting responses from those poll takers, MOJOMOX.com found that Iowans has some typical but still interesting suggestions for a new state of Iowa flag.

The design of the Iowa flag hasn't been changed in over 100 years. It was designed by Dixie Cornell Gebhardt in 1917. 4 years after Gebhardt designed the flag, Iowa legislators officially adopted it as the state of Iowa flag in 1921. The vertical tricolor flag includes the colors blue, white, and red. The center stripe is twice the width of the other two and has an eagle holding a ribbon that says

"Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain"

Why Not Put Some Corn On The Iowa Flag?

According to MOJOMOX.com, 59% of Iowans said that if the Iowa state flag was rebranded, the flag should include something about the Hawkeye State’s #1 crop: Corn. Iowa leads the nation in terms of corn production.


You Can't Leave Out The Iowa State Fair

35% of respondents in Iowa said they think the Iowa State Fair should appear on the flag. Beginning in 1854, the annual event in Des Moines in August is the largest event in Iowa. The Iowa State Fair is also one of the largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the U.S,

Iowa Has More Pigs Than Humans!

5% of Iowans said of people said the new flag should include a pig. Iowa is the number one producer of pork in the U.S. and there are more pigs than humans in the state of Iowa.

Iowa Is Better Than Slice Bread Because We Invented It

1% of Iowans said the new flag should feature sliced bread. Iowa-born and Davenport-native, Otto Rohwedder, is credited for producing the first automatically sliced commercial loaves of bread in 1928.

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What About Illinois?

According to MOJOMOX.com, if Illinois was to change its state flag, Illinoisans want to see one of the most famous presidents in American history featured on the flag. He was a U.S. Congressman representing Illinois and eventually became the 16th president of the U.S., Abraham Lincoln.

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