People move for a variety of different reasons. But most involve employment and opportunity. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, many people are moving in search of jobs, and the best place to live and raise a family. With that in mind, the folks over at WalletHub stepped in and looked at some of the best cities for raising a family.

They considered a variety of different dynamics including, housing costs, quality of local schools and health care, and of course the opportunities for fun and recreation. After ranking 180 of the largest cities in the country, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ranked quite high, coming in at #28 overall.

The City of Five Season ranked very high in affordability, coming in #6 nationally. In fact, Cedar Rapids ranked #1 in the nation in housing affordability. Cedar Rapids ranked #39 in health and safety, #103 in education, and #137 in family fun. Sure, larger cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas ranked higher in family fun. But those larger cities can't touch Cedar Rapids on affordability. And that is why so many people love living here.

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So where were the top cities to raise a family located? The top five according to WalletHub were:

  1. Overland Park, Kansas
  2. Fremont, California
  3. Irvine, California
  4. Plano, Texas
  5. Columbia, Maryland

Other midwestern cities that ranked high included Madison, Wisconsin at #10 and Lincoln, Nebraska at #11. 

Raising a family is no easy task. It can be difficult no matter where you live or work. But Iowans know how lucky we are to live and work where we do. We're called a 'flyover state'. I'm fine with that. Keep flying over.


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