It's been a busy month and a half for the University of Iowa women's basketball team with winning a Big 10 Title and advancing to the Final 4 in the NCAAW basketball tournament. Not a bad month and a half if you ask me.

It was also a busy year for one of the world's newest billionaires, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift's Eras Tour will go down in history as one of the biggest and best-selling tours in music history and it helped catapult her into the billionaires club. She's traveled across the entire globe performing for millions of fans and will continue to do so until December of 2024 when the Eras tour comes to an end.

Do you know what goes perfectly together? Peanut butter and Jelly, butter and popcorn, macaroni and cheese, Kermit and Mis Piggy, milk and cereal, etc. Do you know what also mixes perfectly? Taylor Swift and college students. Specifically female college students. She writes songs that these ladies can relate to. She writes songs that are a huge voice for so many young adult women that it's no wonder her fans often refer to her by the name "mother."

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Just like many other young college women around the country, this Iowa Hawkeye basketball team couldn't help but share their love for T-Swift by singing their favorite Taylor Swift songs.

*I wonder what's more nerve-wracking for these ladies, playing in a sold-out stadium during a March Madness basketball game or having to sing on camera?! I'm guessing it's the latter. 

Sing Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song

Caitlin Clark has been asked about her Taylor Swift fandom during interviews before so there isn't much of a surprise that she goes all out during her 15-second performance. You have to give her credit for really going for it! Even if she was "off" as she says in the video.

This basketball team has captured the hearts of so many Iowans and other basketball fans around the country, that even tho we might view them as superstars, these regular down-to-earth videos are the best. These behind-the-scenes types of videos where they get to have fun and show off their personality are my favorite Hawkeye basketball videos to watch.

It's sometimes hard to remember that even tho these ladies are playing in front of sold-out crowds, appear on national TV, and have set multiple records for most watched women's college basketball games, at the end of the day, they are still college students. They enjoy the same things as everyone else.

They get excited about Taylor Swift and love her music just like millions of other people across the world. While these ladies, in their own right, have a certain celebrity status, they loop themselves in amongst other "Swifties" just like everyone else.

I think it's only fair that Taylor puts out of video showing off her skills from behind the 3-point line now!

Our Favorite Caitlin Clark Photos

Iowa's nunber two scorer of all-time, after just three seasons, Caitlin Clark continues to build on her already legendary career.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

Iowa Final Four vs. South Carolina

On March 31, 2023, the 3rd-ranked Iowa women's basketball team played top-ranked, and undefeated South Carolina in the Final Four in Dallas, Texas. South Carolina had won 42 in a row. It would end with Iowa defeating South Carolina 77-73.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

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