As someone who is in the middle of planning my own wedding for September of this year, I can tell you firsthand that it can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many different things to plan for, it can be pretty tough to keep track of all of the little details. If you're able to hire someone to do the planning for you, kudos to you. There's a part of me that wishes I would've planned for that a little better.

I will say, weddings don't need to be huge extravagant events either. According to Still Miracle, "micro weddings" are becoming more popular in the year 2023. During the toughest parts of the pandemic, plenty of Iowans found new and creative ways to have their wedding ceremonies, without the 200-person guest list. These smaller weddings are better on your budget, there are fewer preparations, and they are more intimate.

Unsplash - Jeremy Wong Weddings
Unsplash - Jeremy Wong Weddings

Wallet Hub has put together a list of some of the best cities in America to get married in 2023 and Iowa happens to have 2 of the cities that made the list. The study put together used 26 key indicators to help determine which cities were considered best and those studies ranged from the average cost of venues, and event spaces per capita, to hotel availability.

Source: WalletHub

Wallet Hub found that Des Moines and Cedar Rapids both made the top 100. Des Moines rated as the 70th best city and Cedar Rapids came in at 92 respectively. I will say Wallet Hub normally has studies involving the biggest cities in the country, so it would make sense these two cities would be the only ones from Iowa to make the list.

The best cities to get married in are Orlando, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Tampa, and Atlanta, rounding off the top 5.

While Des Moines and Cedar Rapids made the list because of their size, it should be noted that Iowa is made up of so many gorgeous smaller towns. If you're from Independence, I'd be willing to be you'd find a way to throw a beautiful wedding ceremony. Decorah natives have plenty of options to host a fabulous wedding. The list goes on.

While I do think it's cool that Iowa did manage to have 2 cities make the list, you and I both know you don't need to be getting married in a big city to throw one hell of an event. Sometimes smaller towns have those hidden gems that can turn your big day into something really special and unique.

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