Iowa is home to 99 counties, 3.193 million people, and 947 cities. If you had to guess which city is the most hardworking, which city would you guess? Hard work is something many Iowans are familiar with, as the farming industry is massive in Iowa.

There are more corn and pigs produced in Iowa than in any other state in the country. It's not just Iowa that's familiar with hard work. Americans in general work more hours than many industrialized countries.

Unsplash - Elisa Ventur
Unsplash - Elisa Ventur

When I first came across this study from Wallet Hub, I wasn't surprised at all to find at least one city from Iowa to make the cut. According to the study, the average U.S. worker works 1,791 hours per year. This is 184 more hours than Japan, 294 more than the United Kingdom, and 442 more hours than Germany.

Which city in Iowa do you think made the cut for hardest working cities in America, according to Wallet Hub?

Source: WalletHub

Hardest Working Cities In The U.S

According to the study, Iowa's state capitol, Des Moines, cracks the top 100 hardest-working cities in America. Wallet Hub compared the largest cities in the country using 11 different "key metrics." Those metrics vary from the employment rate, average weekly work hours, and the share of workers with multiple jobs. The hardest-working city in America, according to Wallet Hub is on the west coast.

San Francisco, Anchorage, Irving, Virginia Beach, and Washington DC round off the top 5 hardest-working cities. Being that Iowa is made up of many smaller towns/communities, I think it'd be fair to say there are plenty of hard-working Iowans who live in places too small to be considered for this study.

Back in January, we learned there are 84,900 farm operations in Iowa and all of them are operated by hard-working Iowans every day. While Iowa might only have 1 city big enough to be considered on this list, Iowans are surely some of the hardest-working people in the entire country.

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