Everyone has a dream. For some of us, it's to be rich and famous or to travel all over the world, and for others, it's to hit a golf ball in every single state in the United States. I'm not one to judge people based on what's on their strange bucket list.

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Just like many of us, Jake Madams wanted to travel around and see different parts of the world, or the United States. Jake just went about it a bit differently. The young Tik Tok star has blown up on social media because of his oddly specific goal...

He wants to hit a golf ball in every single state in America.

Honestly, that doesn't seem like such a hard thing to do. If you time it right and maneuver a few vacation days around, you can probably manage it in a few years. Well, Jake decided he wanted to make iit even harder for himself. He only had thirty days to complete the challenge.

30 days and 50 states...seems almost impossible, right? Not for Jake.

The young social media star just wrapped up his country wide golf challenge at the end of April. His very first stop was in California and his final stop was in Hawaii. Jake visited Iowa on his 23rd day on the road.

He is geared up and ready to tee off in Des Moines when we see one of the Hawkeye State's finest walk up to him. At first you think he will be ditchiong his club for a shiny pair of handcuffs, but if you watch the video below you'll see that's not neccessarily the case.

@jakemadamsDay 23 - Iowa. #golf #golfer #golfshot #iowa #desmoines #iowagolf #fypシ #roadtrip #shottracer #50states #iowapolice #foryou♬ original sound - JakeMadams

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