When you walk into a business where people eat and drink, you enter that business trusting that what you're eating and drinking is safe.

This golf course is required to treat its drinking water for bacteria and nitrate contamination but the Iowa DNR believes there has been a lack of reliable data that proves the course's drinking water has always been safe.

It should be noted that this golf course didn't necessarily fail one of these safety tests, it appears reports of tests being done haven't been submitted.

Rolling Knolls Fined

Rolling Knolls Golf Course in Dyersville, Iowa was recently fined $7,400 by the Iowa DNR for various violations, according to Iowa Capital Dispatch. Amber Sauser is a senior environmental specialist and she said this is due to unreliable data.

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"Because of a lack of reliable data, it’s unclear whether the golf course’s water has always been safe to drink in the past six years."

Rolling Knolls uses a well that is 115 feet deep, which would be considered on the shallow end of most wells. The course is required to to sample the water daily for chlorine, and submit the results every month to the DNR. If there is not enough chlorine, you might not kill all of the necessary bacteria, if there is too much, it can be extremely unhealthy to drink.

These testing reports have not been submitted by Rolling Knolls from August of 2018 to June of 2022. According to Iowa Capital Dispatch, the golf course has consistently submitted monthly samples for lab testing, which has made the requirements for drinking, however, the inspections have revealed lapses in treatment.

Other than the fine, Rolling Knolls has been ordered to submit daily test results, post notices of the violations around the golf course, pay past-due public water supply fees, show a proper chlorine test kit, and install a well vent.

Rolling Knolls Response

Rolling Knolls has commented on the violations on their Facebook page. They believe this issue is related to updating paperwork, which they are currently working on. The post that was sent out today (June 20) says;

"In response to the article about the DNR fine and our drinking water, we want to let you know that our water is safe and that samples do get submitted each month for testing which is shared with the state. The issue is not having some other paperwork submitted which we are working on getting up to date."

Rolling Knolls can appeal the order if they choose.

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