Just How Much Daylight Will Iowa Gain in February?

Did the month of January feel like the longest month of all time or what?

Not only did we experience a historic amount of snowfall in Eastern Iowa, blizzard-like conditions, but we also saw the temperatures rise to almost spring-like conditions.

There was another perk that Iowans started to experience towards the end of January.

We finally started gaining more sunlight!

Unsplash - Jan Huber
Unsplash - Jan Huber
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January Sunlight Gains

Most of Iowa and South Dakota gained approximately forty minutes of sunlight in January. In addition, all of Nebraska and Illinois also saw the same amount of sunlight.

The Southern parts of Missouri and South Dakota only got thirty more minutes of sunlight.

Two thirds of Minnesota saw fifty more minutes of sunlight while the northern region of the state got a whopping sixty minutes or more.

The northern most part of Iowa got fifty minutes of sunlight by the end January.

Now On to February...

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In January it felt like the daylight gains were slow and steady, now it's a full-on sprint onto spring!

The northernmost parts of Minnesota will gain approximately eighty minutes, while everything below Minneapolis is set to get seventy more minutes of daylight by the end of February.

Just over half of the Hawkeye State is set to have seventy more minutes of daylight by March. This will be in the northern half of Iowa.

The rest of the state will only get an extra hour of daylight this month. Other regions of the Midwest that will get a similar amount of daylight includes most of Illinois, all of Indiana, and half of Nebraska.

Check out the full breakdown down below!

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