There are 99 counties in the Hawkeye State. While few can say they've spent quality time in all of 'em, now you'll at least be in the know when it comes to your county facts. From Adair to Wright and everything in between, let's celebrate Iowa's unique history. Keep scrolling to see a fact about each Iowa county, and test your Iowa knowledge!

Who's that?

Iowa is unique in that many of our counties are named after Native Americans or fairly obscure war heroes. Because our history as a state really began in the mid-1800s, there's likely a lot here you didn't know about Iowa. Counties that have more than one county seat, counties with historic courthouses, and even a county named for a guy was only really well known for a month.

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There's a lot of meat on the bone, so, let's jump on in and see the counties in (mostly) alphabetical order!

Fun Facts About All of the 99 Counties in Iowa

Iowa has 99 counties, each with rich, unique history.

So how'd you do? Did you know most of those facts? Here's another fun Iowa county fact: many of our state's counties have their own flags. Check 'em all out below.

Did You Know Most Iowa Counties Have Their Own Flag?

We all know the state of Iowa has a flag, but each county? Of Iowa's 99 counties, a majority do in fact have a flag.

Not to get you riled up, but a recent study revealed the top places in Iowa to live. If your hometown isn't on the list, don't shoot the messanger! Maybe it will make the cut the next time a list like this is released.

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Stacker compiled a list of the best places to live in Iowa using data from Niche. Niche ranks places to live based on a variety of factors including cost of living, schools, health care, recreation, and weather. Cities, suburbs, and towns were included. Listings and images are from

On the list, there's a robust mix of offerings from great schools and nightlife to high walkability and public parks. Some areas have enjoyed rapid growth thanks to new businesses moving to the area, while others offer glimpses into area history with well-preserved architecture and museums. Keep reading to see if your hometown made the list.



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