If you've ever gone to Starbucks and wondered whether the barista is secretly judging you based on your order, the answer is maybe.

But here are some tips courtesy of Lifehacker to follow so that doesn't happen:

  • Say your order in the right sequence. The first thing you should tell the cashier is the drink size and whether you want it hot or iced.  Since they write the order details on your cup, they can't write anything until they know the right cup for your order.
  • Don't order from the 'secret menu.' Secret menu items are usually special orders that customers have invented and require more work from the employees.  They'll make it for you, just be sure you know exactly what goes in it, and be willing to pay for all the extra ingredients.
  • Don't try to be funny with your name. Don't tell them your name is something ridiculous like 'Imma The Man' or 'The Dude' so they have to shout it out. They don't want to do it and the other people waiting for their drinks don't want to hear it.
  • Don't hover and ask 'Is this mine?' Unless you NEED to get the barista's attention for some reason, step back from the pickup counter. And don't ask them if something is your drink, since they weren't the one who took your order. Look at the cup.
  • Use the mobile app. You can do all your customizations yourself, and even if they DO judge you on your order, you're basically staying anonymous.

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