The tooth fairy would not be a fan of this midwest dentist, Scott Charmoli.

Going to the dentist can be a trying experience for some people. Thinking about all of the instruments they use on your mouth, cavities being filled, or a dreaded root canal...doesn't seem like a very fun time for most people. This Midwestern Dentist broke the trust of his patients and their wallets when he purposely started cracking people's teeth, to just turn around and charge them more money.

Scott Charmoli, a 61-year-old dentist who practiced in Jackson, Wisconsin, would drill into and break patients' teethe and charge them for fixing the damage. This article states, he "pulled in $1.4 million dollars for fixing 434 crowns in 2014 to making $2.5 million and performing more than 1,000 crown procedures a year later." He actually wasn't caught for years, until he sold his practice in 2019.

He would basically take an x-ray of the patient's mouth, let them know there was a "crack" in a tooth, then drill into the said tooth, and the scheme was on. “By breaking the patient’s tooth, Charmoli would cause permanent disfigurement and bodily injury,” according to this article

He was indicted in 2020 and this past Friday was convicted on five counts of healthcare fraud and two counts of making false statements related to healthcare matters according to this release by The United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Many of these patients claim to not believing they were having problems with their teeth but also trusting his judgment and wanting to correct what they thought was a problem.

For Scott Charmolis's case, he better have saved some of the $4.2 million dollars he stole between 2016-2019 because he's now being sued by around 100 of his former patients. What's even scarier is no one really knows exactly how long he's been doing this. He's been a practicing dentist since 1986.

This will be an ongoing story as he will be sentenced in June.

Dentists take what is called "The Hippocratic Oath" which "promises to do no intentional harm to patients." Sadly, Dr. Charmoli broke that oath and let down a lot of people who trusted him to use his best judgment.

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