You know how they say the third time is the charm.... well, looks like not even the 27th time is the charm for this guy.

31-year-old Sujon Miah in Gloucester, England has failed his driving test... 27 TIMES! I don't even know how that is possible, but as surprising as that is the story just keeps on going. After failing his test a 27th, Miah hired two guys earlier this year to take his driving test for him. He paid one guy $650 to do the driving part and that seemed to go fine, but the guy he also paid $650 to do the written parts is where it gets dicey. Apparently, the staff didn't think this guy looked that much like Miah and ended calling the cops and of course all three guys got arrested.

And no, Miah did not get his license and I am okay with that because I wouldn't want to be on the roads with him anyway. I think all of England is way better off without him on the road.

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