Getting into a car accident can be a pretty terrifying experience. Whether it's a simple fender bender or something more serious, your mind starts racing on what to do. First and foremost, you should check yourself for injuries.

If you're seriously injured and are able to access a phone, call 911. If you're uninjured, check on the passengers in your car if you have any. If you and your passengers are uninjured, then you can safely check to see if the other driver/s are in need of medical assistance. These are the first steps you should take if you're in a more serious car accident.

If you're in a smaller accident like a fender bender and no one is injured, did you know about this law you need to follow in Iowa?

Unsplash - Aaron Doucett
Unsplash - Aaron Doucett

Have you ever heard of Iowa's "Steer it, Clear it" law? According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, this law took effect on July 1st, back in 2017. If you are in a fender bender, in which no one is injured, you are required to move your car out of the driving lanes of traffic.

This change was made to help impove safety. Iowa DOT reports that there are roughly 55,0000 crashes every year in Iowa. For every minute that a lane is blocked, the chances of a second car accident increase by 2.8%.

According to the Legis Iowa, code 321.262 says

The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting only in damage to a vehicle which is driven or attended by any person shall immediately remove the driver’s vehicle from the traveled portion of the roadway if the vehicle is operable and the removal can be achieved in a safe manner.

This should go without saying but part 2 of this code basically says you cannot leave the scene until all of the post accident requirements are fullfilled. If you do, you will be charged with a simple misdemeanor.

Am I alone in thinking....well duh! If you're in an accident and can safely move your vehicle out of the way of other cars who need to use the lane, wouldn't everyone just automatically move their car? Apparently back in 2017, cars weren't getting out of the way and a law needed to be created to prevent people in small car accidents from blocking traffic.

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