What do you think the maximum speed limit is in Iowa? When you compare the maximum speed limits of each state, Iowa is pretty much right in the middle and maybe leans a little bit toward the slower side of things.

Should Iowa raise the maximum speed limits on rural interstate roads? The next time you drive on 380, 80, or 35, or any other road/highway with a speed limit of 55 or more, you should try a speed limit test. Drive the posted speed limit and count how many cars pass you within 15 minutes.

I've got news for you...it will be pretty much every car driving around you on that particular day unless you're on a single-lane stretch of road.

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Here in Iowa and pretty much the entire Midwest, we tend to stick to something I call the "pace car rule." We like driving at the same speed or a little bit slower than whatever the car in front of us is going. If a cop sees two cars speeding, most drivers tend to think they'll pick the person at the front of the line.

Maximum Speed Limit in Iowa

According to IIHS, the fastest legal speed your car should be driving in Iowa is 70 mph. On every interstate, you'll find a maximum speed limit sign of 70. If you're on "urban interstates" the maximum speed limit in Iowa is 55 mph. There are "limited access roads" that also allow you to drive up to 70 mph, and on every other road, the maximum speed limit is 65.

Other States

The state with the fastest posted speed limit is Texas. On certain highways/roads, drivers are legally allowed to drive 85 mph! I've done a decent amount of driving in Texas in my lifetime and if you aren't going 85 mph, good luck. You're liable to get run off the road. Personally, I've never felt the need to drive my car that fast.

Did you know some states have different speed limits for truck drivers? In Arkansas, the maximum speed limit is 75 but for trucks, it's 70. In California, truck drivers have to watch cars go 70, while they can only travel at 55 mph.

The maximum speed limits in other Midwest states are:

  • Illinois - 70
  • Indiana - 70 (65 for trucks)
  • Kansas - 75
  • Michigan - 70 (65 for trucks)
  • Minnesota - 70
  • Missouri - 70
  • Nebraska - 75
  • North Dakota - 75
  • South Dakota - 80

Should Iowa Raise Speed Limits?

If you're driving on 35, the posted speed limit is 70. Most cars will normally set the cruise control around 75 mph. With the number of rural areas in Iowa, do you think it would be fine to raise the speed limit on certain interstates to 75?

If South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska have certain stretches of 75 mph, you'd think Iowa would be okay with allowing this in certain areas.

The biggest issue with raising the maximum speed limit is running into the problem of people always driving about 5 mph over. Instead of everyone traveling at 74 or 75, which most people do now, there will be A LOT more people traveling at 80+.

Do you need to be driving 80+ mph? If I need to drive that fast to get somewhere...I'll just be late and deal with the consequences.

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