I can honestly say that I think we all feel a little more stressed or anxious these days due to the pandemic. I mean you can't look one way or another and not see something else to be stressed about in 2020...2020 is just an anxiety ridden year and whether you are new to anxiety (like me) or you have dealt with this battle, you are probably looking for ways to de-stress. Well how about watching videos of cute animals!

This may come as no surprise to you but a new study from England's University of Leeds has found that when people watch videos or look at pictures of cute animals their stress and anxiety actually decreases... I mean how can it not, cute animals always put a smile on my face!

According to the Good News Network, 19 people who were stressed were asked to watch a 30 minute slideshow with images and videos of cute animals. The results showed that the heart rates for all of the participants dropped after viewing the slideshow and the blood pressure also dropped proving the cute animals to be a source for stress relief.

What does this mean for you? Well... next time you are feeling stressed at work, pull up a video of a cute animal to calm down and if your boss tries to yell at you tell them watching cute animals is scientifically proven to make you happy!

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