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Sometimes the best show you'll ever go to is one that wasn't even planned.

I made a trip out Memorial Day weekend to Tipton for the Spring Good Makers Market. This market takes place twice a year on the Cedar County Fairgrounds and brings together vendors from all over the Midwest for a weekend of fun, food, shopping, and music!


After an hour of checking out all of the vendors, my mom and I decided to grab something to eat and sit at one of the picnic tables. We were conveniently located by a little stage where artists were set up to give live performances while market goers relaxed.

A very talented local artist had just wrapped up his set when we saw a little boy talking to the sound tech people. He was handed a microphone and made his way onto the stage.

I looked around at some of the other people, wondering what the heck this kid was doing up there. The young boy gripped onto the mic with more confidence than some adults. He shared with the crowd that he was dedicating the song he was about to sing to his mom and his friend Maddie.

His young friend, Maddie looked on from the side with a huge smile across her face.

He belted out a rendition of Luke Comb's 'Beautiful Crazy' and got the people sitting at the tables singing along. The sweet third grader finished up his song by thanking the crowd like a polished professional.

Then just a few moments later, as I started to get up to check out more of the vendors, I heard his voice booming on the microphone again.

"I got the courage to come back up here and sing another song," the kid said. "If you know this one sing along!"

Without missing a beat, he started into a rendition of Alicia Key's 'Girl on Fire.' Members of the crowd got up to sing and clap along to the song. A few of the other women that were standing nearby grabbed their phones and clutched their hearts at the sweetness of this impromptu performance.

The song again was again dedicated to his friend Maddie who he said has always stuck up for him even when it wasn't necessarily easy.

He encouraged the crowd to clap along with him and to get up and dance.

Once the song was over I ran up to the little boy to get his autograph. I firmly believe this guy could be a performer one day if he put his mind to it! So, just in case he does become famous, I thought I might as well snag his signature first.

I found out this little boy's name is Cylus and he's originally from Winfield, and his family recently moved to Tipton.

His mother Christa confirmed that he is always singing. The go-to artist that he likes to belt out at home? Unsurprisingly, it's Alicia Keys!

While Cylus and his family have moved around a bit recently, he is continuing to get involved in the arts. He is already set to be involved in a community performance of Footloose this summer.

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