A major development has been made in the case of a possible serial killer

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What We Heard About Donald Dean Studey "America's Most Prolific Serial Killer"

A deceased Iowa man was accused of being one of America's most prolific serial killers. His own daughter made allegations against him, claiming that he had murdered anywhere between 50 to 70 people over the span of his life.

According to his daughter, Donald Dean Studey of Thurman would make her, and her siblings dump the bodies of his victims in a well on their property.

"Every time I went to the well or into the hills, I didn't think I was coming down. I thought he would kill me because I wouldn't keep my mouth shut."

Law enforcement officials initially suspected her father's victims to be primarily "sex workers or transients" that were picked up in Omaha. You can read more details about this case and the investigation here.

There are even some claims that Donald Studey was connected to organized crime in the Omaha area, according to a report.

Officials reported a few weeks ago that a cadaver dog caught the scent of "human decomposition" right along the morel mushroom trails on the property. You can read more about this story here.

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The Investigation

This week, the Fremont County Sheriff's department had been working with the FBI, Iowa State Patrol, and the Division of Criminal Investigation to dig up the area surrounding the well on the property.

Over the past three days, authorities have been investigating the area in Fremont County for any evidence of foul play and human decomposition. According to a press release, these investigators excavated the area that Studey's daughter directed them to. They collected and tested soil samples from the site and found nothing.

No Evidence Found, No Serial Killer

Officials said, "After exhaustive efforts, no evidence or other items of concern were recovered."

His daughter and main accuser Lucy, still is willing to take a polygraph test. She was recently blown off by the FBI after flying down to Florida for the test. You can read more about that incident here.

It seems like investigators have concluded the investigation. We will keep you updated if any more news comes from this story.

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