I'm not sure what sparked the argument. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, October 16th, 2018.

Lima, Peru- A man found out about his cheating wife...because of Google.

James Pauls - Thinkstock

The guy was recently looking at a bridge near his house on Google Street View, and he saw his WIFE sitting on a bench--but she wasn't alone.

The images showed her stroking the hair of another man who had his head in her lap.

The furious husband confronted his wife about the mystery man, and she admitted to having the affair. And even though the tryst happened around 2013, the couple filed for divorce. [Daily Express]

Seriously, if you saw the Google car on the street...wouldn't you STOP what you were doing?

Raymond, NH- A restaurant is offering up tips...for a tip.

Butcher cutting meat

The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery was robbed of more than $25,000 last Tuesday.

The suspect was seen on surveillance video entering the closed restaurant with a crowbar, and a manager says one of their safes was broken into.

Cops are still looking for the burglar, and the restaurant posted on Facebook that anyone who leads police to the suspect would receive $2,000 cash...PLUS free steak tips for the duration of his sentence. [Seacoast Online]

Free steak? That'd be good enough for me. But I guess I'd take the cash, too.

Davenport, IA- This argument got pretty...heated.

fireworks red sky

Police responded to a disturbance at an apartment complex back in July. Officers found 36-year-old Wendy White fighting with a group of people at one of the units.

White then allegedly lit at least three fireworks inside the residence and pointed them at the three victims. Police say one of the fireworks landed on the floor, causing the carpet to catch fire, and one victim had hair singed on her head.

Patrol also said that White then attempted to burn the victims with a torch.

White has been charged with 1st-degree Arson, three counts of Assault While Displaying a Weapon and Assault While Participating in a Felony. [KWQC-TV]

Clearly...she has a fiery temper.