When I was growing up, if I saw one of my teachers out in the public, it was kind of like seeing a superman/woman. I didn't know exactly how to react. You spend so much time with your teachers in school, that you can forget they are regular people and have lives when they leave the building.

Teachers have friends they hang out with, errands to run, and hobbies they like doing, just like everyone else. I'm not sure why it was so surprising to see them out in public, living their normal lives but it always was when I was younger.

Imagine being able to go watch and cheer on your teacher at a soccer game. That would've blown my mind in 3rd grade. "What, teachers can play sports too?" is definitely something 7-year-old me would've wondered. This Washington High School teacher does more than just teach his students biology, he's also the captain of the Iowa Raptors soccer team.

A teacher's job is never done as Jacob Johnson teaches inside and outside of the classroom. As a captain of the Iowa Raptors, it's his job to be a leader and a teacher on the soccer field. Other players on the team can turn to Johnson and ask questions or ask for advice and as a captain, it's his job to help guide/lead the team in the right direction.

According to KCRG, Johnson was a fantastic player while he attended Coe College, and has spent some time, during his teaching career, as the Washington girl's soccer coach. He gets to be involved in 2 things he clearly cares about and that's teaching science and being involved in soccer. Jacob loves watching his students get excited about science. He told KCRG,

It’s really cool to see kids get excited about science. Those ah-ha moments that they get, I really enjoy those. Kids turning around their attitude or kids realizing that they have the potential to do something. And the confidence to really push themselves to go forward.

Jacob did have to step away from coaching the Washington girl's team, as there was an illness in his family but he will be back to coaching the Xavier girl's team this spring.

As for his playing career, Jacob is enjoying the guys he's getting to play with on the Iowa Raptors. He told KCRG,

It’s a really good group. I’m just fortunate that I get a chance to play with these guys more than anything else.

The next time you see a teacher out in public, it might just be Mr. Johson. If you do run into Mr. Johnson, there's a solid chance you're pretty close to a soccer field too.

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