I do not condone road rage. I especially don't condone it if you're going to do it wrong. That's exactly what happened recently as a driver captured video of a hilarious road rage fail in Marshalltown.

I'm not sure what led up to this moment of Iowa road unhappiness, but it doesn't end well for the guy who's upset. It appears that he's trying to chase down a vehicle on foot to apply a smackdown. He misses the smack, but does end up down. You'll see what I mean.

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As you might imagine, that led to a rash of comments praising the good people of Marshalltown. Oh, wait. The comments weren't praising. They were accusing them of being crackheads. My bad. Oh, Marshalltown. What shall we do with you? (*sigh*)

The guy doing the play-by-play on the video doesn't help matters either.

I have to wonder what kind of victory this guy thought he was gonna have. It's like a dog chasing a car. What will he do with it if he really catches it? We'll unfortunately never know.

The only thing we do know is this happened in Marshalltown and that's probably the least surprising part of this video. The fact that he's likely gonna have a nasty road rash from that fail is a lesson to us all to maintain our calmness when dealing with Iowa traffic moments like this.

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