If you're a fan of log cabins and also dream of having Cedar River views, I have found a dream property for you. It's a cabin near La Porte City and has gorgeous views of the Cedar River nearby.

Since I fancy myself as a wanna-be Property Brother, I spend a lot of time watching HGTV and looking at real estate websites. I came across this new listing on Realtor that's located at 10114 Harmon Road in La Porte City, Iowa. Check out a dozen pics of the place.

Dozen Pics of La Porte City Log Cabin Overlooking Cedar River

The Realtor listing states this is a 2-bed, 2-bath home with over 1,500 square feet of space. If you look at the location on a map, you'll see it's east of La Porte City right next to the Cedar River.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Some other details I noticed on the listing that might interest you include a new well and a whopping 7 garage stalls. You read that right. SEVEN. It also indicates the log cabin was built recently in 2007.

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I'm daydreaming about waking up in a log cabin that is easy walking distance to the Cedar River. Sign me up. If only I had a bank account worthy of it. The current asking price is $400,000 which sounds like a bargain to me if log cabins and Cedar River are high on your bucket list of living possibilities.

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