It might just be me but around this time of year do you feel a little bit less stressed? I think once the weather starts to warm up and we can get out of a bit of that winter depression, our stress levels naturally lower. I don't know that for a fact, it's just a guess.

Everyone deals with stress on some kind of level, whether it's something serious going on with your family or work to minor inconveniences like when you're trying to sneeze but you can't or stepping on a wet part of the floor with your socks on. Whether it's a major life stressor or something a bit more minor, would you believe Iowa as a whole is a pretty stress-free place to live? The Hawkeye state is supposedly one of the least stressed-out states in the country.


Try telling that to the single parent who had to get two kids ready for school today while also making sure they got to work on time...but according to Wallet Hub, Iowa has it pretty good.

It should be noted that "overall stress levels are not uniform across the country and certain states do worry more about specific issues" which is definitely true. Iowans might be a little less stressed out about hurricanes coming from the Atlantic ocean and more about tornado season, which typically runs in Iowa from April to July.

Wallet Hub used 41 key indicators of stress to discover which states are the most and least stressful to live in. They used factors such as average hours worked per week, bankruptcy rate, and the amount of adequate sleep per adult.

Source: WalletHub

Iowa ranks as the 45th least stressed-out state in the U.S. In the article's findings, Iowa really shines when it comes to money-related stress. The state of Iowa is the second least state when it comes to stressing out about money. As someone who moved here about a year ago, I can relate to this. For the most part, Iowa is a pretty affordable state to live in.

I was curious where Iowa would rank when it came to work-related stress, mostly because there are so many farms and farmers in Iowa. As far as I'm concerned, that might be one of the most stressful jobs there is. You can do everything right when farming and one natural disaster can impact your entire year if not multiple years down the road.

Work-related stress was Iowa's highest-rated category. When it comes to work-related stress, Iowa was ranked 28th. While it's the highest category, still in the bottom 50%. That wasn't something I expected but still... not too bad!

There are only 2 midwest states that supposedly deal with less stress than Iowa and they are South Dakota, coming in at 47, and Minnesota, which is supposedly the least stressed state in America.

If you enjoy living a life of little to no stress, you might want to avoid living in Mississippi. Wallet Hubs findings rated Mississippi the number 1 stressed-out state followed very closely by Louisiana.

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