This morning I was starving and forgot to bring some food into the K923 studio. I knew there was some old food in the fridge based on our video we made about spoiled food in the fridge.

There was one food we didn't look at and throw out, however... That was the Ice cream. I decided I would take a look at it. Turns out it expired in 2020. Is that really a bad thing though?

Source: Jake Truemper town squaremedia
Source: Jake Truemper town squaremedia

The short answer is yes, but to be fair Ice cream can last a bit after it expires (like most frozen foods.)

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According to some sources, it is safe to a point,

Technically, you can still eat it safely for up to three to four months, but after that, it is no longer safe. When it is opened, you have about two to three weeks to eat it.

So that means a spoonful of the ice cream we had would have been a very bad call seeing as though it's been well over 4 months. Plus, it was open!

Ice cream shelf life for a tub that hasn’t been opened can last up to two months for optimal taste when it is safely stored in the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Obviously freezing foods will slow down the growth of bacteria, but can't prevent it entirely, so all frozen foods will still have a day they truly expire, but it may be a bit after the exasperation date written on the box, or container.

As always though stay safe, and don't feel like you have to risk your health to save some money, or eat some food.

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