I hope you had a fantastic Christmas weekend despite the hand Iowans were dealt when it came to the weather. Despite it being cold and snowy all weekend, I hope you had a great few days with friends and family.

With all of the excitement surrounding Christmas weekend, did you miss this Iowa native making NFL history this past Saturday? The Vikings took on the New York football Giants on Christmas eve, in a whiteout game, where fans were asked to show up wearing white, to match the Vikings players, who wore their (normally) away jerseys. This ended up being the perfect winter fitting inside U.S Bank stadium considering the polar vortex going on throughout the mid-west Christmas weekend.

This Christmas eve will likely be one Iowa native, TJ Hockenson, remembers for a long time.

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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The Vikings ended up pulling off a Christmas miracle, as Greg Joseph made a Vikings record, 61-yard field goal, with 4 seconds left, to win the game, 27-24. That kick was 1 of 4 records set that day, by various Viking players.

Kicker, Greg Joseph set a Vikings record for the longest kick in franchise history. Star receiver, Justin Jefferson, set 2 Vikings records that day. He passed Hall of Famer, Randy Moss, for most receiving yards in a season by a Vikings receiver, and he broke Hall of Famer, Chris Carter's franchise record, for most receptions in a season as he caught his 123rd reception.

Here's a Vikings record you might've missed with all of the excitement of the game-winning kick and one of the greatest seasons we've ever seen from an NFL receiver. Did you miss this record set by Iowa's very own, TJ Hockenson?

Hockenson had an absolutely monster day on Christmas eve. He had 13 receptions, for 109 yards, and two touchdowns. Those 13 receptions are now a new franchise record for the Minnesota Vikings, by a tight end. This Chariton, Iowa, native, now has the best statistical performance, in a single game, by a tight end, in Vikings history.

As an avid Vikes fan, this was one of the records I missed hearing about until this week. With the record-setting kick, Justin Jefferson's monster day, I was unaware of how great a game Hockenson was having.

The Vikings traded for Hockenson back in early November and this Iowan is now one of the most important players on my favorite NFL team. I can't wait to see what he does for the rest of the season. While being interviewed after his incredible day he said

"It's a blessing to be here with this group of guys, being in this locker room having a little fun after these games, hopefully, we won't make one of these super close. It's a blast to be here.

You can see him talk about his two touchdowns and his record-setting day, on the Minnesota Vikings Youtube page.

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