The Iowa State Fair can truly be a wild experience! You've got deep fried food on a stick, thrilling rides, big name concerts, and apparently this year...something just a bit out of the ordinary.

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Someone captured the ultimate strange and straight up confusing sight at the fairgrounds one evening.

There has been no shortage of unusual things to come out of this year's fair. For one thing, a woman was spotted spreading ashes right inside of the fairgrounds.

And apparently doing this is LEGAL!

You can read more about the legality of the situation AND watch the video here!


KM/LeftoverTunaSalad via Reddit
KM/LeftoverTunaSalad via Reddit

If you thought that was crazy; then oh boy! You haven't seen anything yet!

On Wednesday morning, Iowa Chill posted a video submitted to them that was taken at  the state fair. The short clip came from either a Snapchat or Instagram story sent in to the publisher.

In the video, a cop and a fairgoer are seen interacting right by the Farm Bureau Insurance pop up. Said police officer appears to be arresting the man and cuffing him.

The reason for the apparent arrest?


No one is talking about this incident, nor is there any incident reports with any details. He definitely looks like he went to ZZ Tops concert and got a BIT carried away. On Monday, Des Moines experienced rain showers all throughout the day and from the looks of the video it seems like there is no rain in sight.

At least we can rule that out!

We will continue to keep you updated with any additional details that we get about the incident.

You can watch the video down below!

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