A video shot in Iowa a quarter of a century ago has some major historical significance.

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August 31st was the 25th anniversary of the death of the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. On that evening in 1997, the People's Princess got into a horrible car accident in Paris.

The world mourned the death of the beloved royal, even after going through a public divorce with Prince Charles. There were quite a few conspiracies surrounding the death of the public figure, such as British special forces actually being behind her death, but they have been proven to be incorrect.

She captured the hearts and minds of the entire world and people are still fixated by her to this day!

But one infamous video truly captures the interest and investment that Americans have regarding the royals, especially the late Princess Diana.

There has always been a fascination that many have had with the British Royal Family. The recent resurgence stems from Diana's children Prince William and Harry finally coming of age, getting married, having children, and the latter infamously stepping down from being a working royal.

This clip shows several men gathered around someone's kitchen table playing the card game UNO.

Since the night of Diana's death, it has constantly been recycled and revisited every time the media covers the way the world reacted.

The man behind the camera's name is Alan Light. He was testing out his new camcorder on August 31st, 1997 when news broke of Princess Diana's Paris car crash. Over the course of this nearly seven-minute video, you can see how quickly the situation developed.

Light claimed that his mother called him and told him about the crash and that Diana was merely "injured," according to reporters. That's when they decided to turn the news on during their game.

As soon as the news of her death comes across the screen, the air in the room changes.

"...the true reality of the situation hit like a ton of bricks and we stopped playing UNO of course, and rushed over to the TV," Light explained.

This entire interaction took place in Iowa City. His friend, Ken who still lives in Cedar Rapids, screams the second that the news drops. It's this moment that is played in interviews, documentaries, and news clips over the course of the next few decades.

In a follow-up video, filmed 16 years later, the group discusses the events of that night AND the now-infamous video.

In the video, you can also see the man who breaks the news of this start to smile. His name is Scott and according to Light, "His brief smile was a reaction to Ken's loud silly scream, NOT to Diana's death."

As of September of 2021, all of the people in this video are alive, and apparently, they all keep in touch.

You can watch the original video reaction in full down below!

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