Here is some good news in 2020 (you know we have been lacking on this), Mrs. Cedar Valley, Glynis Worthington, has been crowned Mrs. Iowa!

Yes if you did not know there is a Mrs. America Pageant and Mrs. Worthington recently competed in the event as Mrs. Cedar Valley as her family has lived in Cedar Falls and Waterloo areas for over 25 years. The Mrs. America Pageant took place this past Sunday, September 20th at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts in Pittsburg, Kansas where Glynis competed in similar events to the Miss America pageant such as interviews, evening gown and bathing suit events. Mrs. Worthington was crowned Mrs. Iowa!

via Kate Pugh/ Mrs. Cedar Valley
via Kate Pugh/ Mrs. Cedar Valley

Winning a pageant though is no new thing for Mrs. Worthington as she was crowned "Pancake Queen" at the Pancake Queen Contest in Centerville, Iowa in 1980. So what does this mean for the newly crowned Mrs. Iowa? Well, she will go on to represent Iowa at the Mrs. America Pageant against all 50 states in Las Vegas in October and will have on going duties to fulfill next year as Mrs. Iowa!

Good luck Mrs. Worthington, you got this! Follow along with her journey at the Mrs. Cedar Valley Facebook page. Also want to give a warm thank you to Mrs. Worthington's daughter, Kate, who is deployed right now but wanted to surprise her Mom with a huge congratulations! Thanks for all you do Kate!

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