One of the unique things about Downtown Cedar Falls is the parking situation.

Most of the parking options on Main Street, are free to the public.

However, there have been some frustrations that locals have been having over the past years, and it seems like progress is being made to find a solution.

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Cedar Falls Parking

Earlier this year, the city of Cedar Falls partnered with Marcie & Fishbeck consulting group to study parking occupancy as well as identify any future potential parking needs.

The ultimate goal was to improve the parking situation in the Downtown district.

The results are in and... it's something.

Current Cedar Falls Downtown Parking Policy

All throughout the Downtown district, there are various free parking options, according to the official Cedar Falls website.

People visiting the area can choose from 15-minute, 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour, and overnight parking Monday through Saturday. Parking enforcement operates Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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What Are Experts Recommending?

The study conducted with the assistance of Marcie & Fishbeck consulting group found that more parking options are needed to deal with future parking demands.

These officials offered three solutions, according to a report from KWWL:

  • Build more parking
    • This means using "structured parking" as a possible primary or secondary building use. More parking lots are not feasible because buildings would have to come down.
  • Utilize on-street parking outside of the downtown area
    • People coming Downtown would park a few blocks away, in front of people's homes, and walk.
  • Limit parking supply
    • This would essentially keep the parking situation as it is, and just encourage people to Uber/Lyft, bike, or carpool to Main Street.

Another thing these officials are suggesting is making the transition to paid parking on Main Street. It's being proposed that parking in this area will cost a dollar an hour.

Free parking will still be available at City Hall as well as the library.

This is not being put into place as of right now. These are merely suggestions that are being floated around. There is a very high chance that this may soon become a reality though for Downtown Cedar Falls.

We will keep you updated as more information is made available on this or when I decision has been reached.

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