Sorry to say this Cedar Valley.... but I don't foresee many more sunny, warm days in our future. That being said, as we all begrudgingly prepare for the winter season set it, you should probably winterize your home now before it gets too cold to even feel your fingers.

Winterizing your home is important to prevent the most damage possible from happening to your homes during the winter season. Basically, it is taking precautionary methods with your home as to have less damage in the spring. So, do these things BEFORE it gets cold!

1. Insulate your walls and attic to keep the heat in

2. Weather-strip all your doors and windows to keep moisture from seeping in

3. Install storm windows or cover windows with plastic to keep that winter weather out

4. Insulate pipes and allow faucets to drip some cold weather during the winter to keep it from freezing in the pipes

5. Make sure to clear the rain gutters and repair roof leaks before the winter season hits

6. Cut away tree branches that could cause damage during storms.

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