A new show on HGTV took a look at some of the ugliest houses across the U.S., and two of them were located right here in the Midwest!

When it comes to home design, decor, and remodeling, nobody does it better than the folks at HGTV. The network recently debuted a new series called 'The Ugliest House in America,' which is all about, you guessed it, hideous homes in these here United States. The show description on HGTV's website reads:

"Comedian Retta travels across the country to tour properties nominated by their owners as the ugliest home around. After crowning the worst of the worst, designer Alison Victoria surprises the homeowners with a jaw-dropping $150,000 renovation!"

On the show, three homes were selected from each region of the country, with only one able to move on to the semi-finals. Two out of the three homes from the Midwest region are located in Minnesota, with the third located in Oklahoma. Technically, Oklahoma is part of the South, so I'm glad it wasn't the finalist chosen to represent the Midwest.

The finalist for the Midwest ended up being "Poseidon's Fortress," a very *interesting* home located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Owners Kourtney and Russel paid only $495,000 for the home, which may seem like a lot, but it was originally listed for 1.2 million! "Poseidon's Fortress" is named after the enormous statue of Poseidon located right in the middle of the driveway. Other features of the home include an under the sea-themed living room complete with a giant swordfish mounted on the wall, a bathroom that resembles a cave, a jungle bedroom, a bed on a glowing platform, gargoyles, and more! The worst part is that a lot of the features are mounted to cement walls, so they're incredibly difficult to remove. Although it didn't end up winning the renovation, we really hope that the family still decides to give it the makeover it desperately needs.

The other home from Minnesota isn't much better. Actually, it's even creepier! Located in Blue Earth, Renee and Noel Johnson's house is a "Literal Funeral Home." That's right! The home served as the community's funeral home for over 60 years, and came with a fully-intact embalming room, casket lights, and a lift, plus the room that once held wakes is now a playroom for the couple's four kids! Take a look at both of the hideous houses in this clip from HGTV:

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