As much as kids across the state might not be looking forward to it, school is almost back in session. For some kids, it's their first day of kindergarten while others may be entering their senior year of high school. Going back to school for a lot of kids means needing school supplies. One Cedar Rapids church helped as many parents and kids as they could with a school supply giveaway.

Some of the most needed school supplies every year are pens, pencils, notebooks, and a backpack. I was lucky enough growing up that every other year or so I could get a new backpack if I needed but sadly not all families are that lucky. Some kids are lucky if they ever can get a new backpack.

Not only that but spending on school supplies has reached an all-time high. KCRG reports that inflation could lead to back-to-back years of record spending on school supplies. Last year, a record high of $37 billion dollars was spent on back-to-school spending and most families are expecting to pay $168 dollars more than on average.

The Covenant SDA Church in Cedar Rapids tried to help out as many families as they could by hosting a school supply giveaway. KCRG reports every child who stopped by the event was able to get a backpack filled with school supplies. Whether that was pens, markers, or glue sticks, they were able to get their school year started off on the right foot by getting the supplies they need to be successful. It also wasn't only for young children. High school students were able to participate in the event as well.

Evenson Louis Jeune is a pastor at The Covenant SDA and he told KCRG he was hoping to put a smile on the kid's faces.

I’m hoping that it will provide supplies for those who are in need I hope it will help put a smile on a young person's face as they get ready for school.

The Covenant SDA church isn't stopping at just school supplies. They will also be hosting a coat drive this upcoming December.

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