There is no doubt that Caitlin Clark is one of the best college basketball players in the world, man or woman. She's become Iowa's sweetheart and has been thrown into the national spotlight. Celebrities and professional athletes have shouted out Caitlin on social media and they have even been making the trip to Iowa City, just for a chance to see her play.

There's no doubt she is one of the most exciting athletes in the world to follow right now. She and her teammates have led the Hawkeyes to an 8-1 record on the year so far and the Iowa women's basketball team currently is ranked as the 4th best team in the country.

They have 2 impressive wins against teams ranked in the top 25 as they've beat both Virginia Tech and Kansas State respectively. Interestingly enough their only loss on the year comes from Kansas State, so I'm sure it was nice for the team to get that one back.

This girl has turned into a bragging point for the state of Iowa and it's pretty dang hard to route against her and the Hawkeyes. I do have one question for her...can she taste the bottom of her shoes when she does this?

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Athletes and Routines

If you're not a big fan of basketball or you haven't spent a lot of time around should know they're creatures of habit. Athletes like routines. It helps them keep up with their busy lives and crazy schedules. Some athletes take this as far as having a routine when they get to the court/field.

Football players might put on their pads in the same order every game, hockey players might have a special way they tape their hockey sticks every game, and basketball players might put their left shoe on before their right before they take the court. These routines can also begin to become a part of their gameplay. Have you ever noticed a basketball player will do the same thing every time before they should a free throw?

Some of them will dribble the ball twice and then shoot. Some players will throw the ball in front of them and spin it back a couple of times. I believe most basketball players are doing this to maintain some kind of rhythm and it can help keep their timing.

Caitlin Clark's Routine?

First off, I'm not hating here at all. I'm just curious how or why this started. Does she do this every time before she shoots a free throw?



@kaithetrapper Anybody who does this has to be stopped. Y’all Gremlins fr #caitlinclark #fyp ♬ original sound - Trapper


She licks her hands, rubs the bottom of her shoes, licks her hands again, and then proceeds to shoot.

I also have to be fair. When I was playing baseball, I licked my hands all the time. It helped get my hands a bit sticky and helped with grip. In basketball, players are constantly trying to get the dust and dirt off their shoes which helps with...grip. Basketball players don't want to have a collection of dust on their shoes and all of sudden they're sliding around. Not only does it make it pretty hard to play, it can get you hurt.

Do I blame Caitlin for trying to get some grip on the bottom of her shoes?! No! Not at all. I'm just kind of curious why she wouldn't use some kind of damp towel instead. I guess when you're in the heat of the moment... you have to do what you have to do.

She did make the shot so hey, whatever works for her will work for the Hawkeyes and their fans!

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