One of the worst things about going to the gym, other than the whole working out thing, is how much you smell afterwards because of sweat. It's a good thing to sweat because it means you are working hard, but if you have to go to work or somewhere social after you really don't want to stink and have to bring extra clothes and donation just to cover the stench. Let's not mention how bad gyms smell when we are all sweating together.... ugh!

Well, this new invention may help with the stench! Engineers at a University in Portugal have recently created a new fabric that smells BETTER when you sweat... that's right BETTER!

Basically, the engineers were able to modify regular cotton so that it lets off a citronella scent when it comes in contact with the acid in your sweat molecules. There is really no reason as to why that smell but the story does get weirder. The team did this by using a specific protein found in the noses of PIGS that binds to scent molecules. So, basically you are wearing pig nose protein... I am not sure how I feel about that but I do like the fact that it is also an insect repellent.

No word yet on when we can buy clothes made out of fabric but I hope it's soon!


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