Oof, ladies, here's another reason why it's tuff to be single... Single dudes stiiiink! And not metaphorically, though perhaps some do. I mean they actually literally smell terrible. But evolution has trained you to think that's a GOOD thing. Hear me out.

A new study from Frontiers, a psychology website, found that single men naturally smell worse than men who are in relationships. And it's not because single men have worse hygiene. I mean, they probably do, but that's not the reason. It's because single men produce more testosterone, which leads to a nastier body odor.

But it's not holding them back from dating. The women in the study smelled a bunch of single men's shirts and married men's shirts and even though the married men's smelled better, the women were more attracted to the single men's.

The researchers say this shows women have evolved a way to 'sniff out' single men, so they're not wasting their time on someone who's unavailable. So here here, single guys! Put down that $5 deodorant and spend it on what REALLY matters: Cheetos.

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