UPDATE: The Waterloo Library has decided to close it's doors again after recently reopening due to rises in COVID-19 numbers in Black Hawk County. Curbside services are still available.


If you are a book worm just like me, you know this is some great news. The Waterloo Public Library has reopened their doors for the public to come in and browse! Yes!

If you are not a book worm then you probably don't understand how excited this makes the rest of us feel. Although, the Waterloo Public library had been offering digital books to borrow and offering curb-side pick up for the books, it is just not the same of going into an actual library to browse all the options and hold the book in hand. There is nothing like holding a physical book in had, it just does not compare to digital books and I know many agree.

The pandemic has caused disruption within allowing families and the public to come into the library and this is the first time in months that the library is allowing the public to come in. Now I know many are worried about how they will be enforcing safety guidelines, but rest assured that according to KWWL they will be having the public wear masks, practice social distancing and limit their time in the building. Also, they have extended their daily hours.

Not only does this mean getting reconnected with the books and experience of a library but computers will be for use as well. In fact, printing, copying, faxing and use of computers will be available for those who need it and you will not have to make an appointment to use these computers. This will be especially helpful for those families home-schooling whom need a computer.

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