One Iowa man's wrong turn saved six lives.

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In late October, aspiring rapper Brendon Birt made a wrong turn down a road in Red Oak, Iowa, a town located on the Southwestern part of the state, not too far from the Nebraska border.

On this strange road that he had found himself on, Birt saw a home almost engulfed in flames. The man immediately sprang into action.

This young man saw the home of the Lehman family burning to the ground before his eyes. Mother of four Tender Lehman was out of state dealing with a family emergency in Montana, according to a news report. 


In a Ring video that captured the entire series of events, you can see and hear the man running up to the home and banging on the windows. The ruckus that Birt caused woke up the four people in the house: three children and their 22-year-old brother.

Luckily all members of the family made it out of the burning building. Five out of the seven dogs that the family owned did not survive.

According to local officials the cause of the fire is not yet known. The Red Oak fire department are currently still investigating the incident.

Brendon Birt goes also by the moniker of Blasé 96. He's an Iowa based rapper and has almost 400 subscribers on YouTube.

You can watch the full news story covering the sequence of events down below.

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