Iowans know him and Iowans love him. Cedar Rapids native, Ashton Kutcher, is headed back to our living rooms (or wherever you watch Netflix) very soon. He's co-starring in a movie and it's a movie genre you're probably familiar with seeing him in. It's no surprise as he's had a ton of success in roles like this.

Your Place or Mine is a romantic comedy starring Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon. We've seen Kutcher star in romantic comedies in the past and one of his movies is my favorite rom-com of all time. No Strings Attached, starring him and Natalie Portman is a movie I could watch any day of the week.

It's one of those movies that whenever I see it show up, as I'm scrolling through looking for something to watch, I can't help but finish watching that movie. It doesn't matter if I've joined the movie late or I'm catching it at the very beginning, I always seem to watch it until the end. Kutcher has also starred in Killers, Guess Who, Just Married, and What Happens in Vegas, all of which would fit under the romantic comedy umbrella and are all fun to watch movies in their own right.

Yesterday, (10-20-22) Kutcher posted a teaser with Witherspoon to remind us of when the movie will be coming to Netflix.

I love the fact that he referenced some of the past romantic comedies he's been a part of in the past. Your Place or Mine is headed to Netflix on February 10th and already it looks like he and Witherspoon have great chemistry.

As with any rom-com Kutcher has been a part of, I'm sure this will be a fun movie to watch. We can all support one of our favorite Iowans by tuning in on February 10th. He had some fun with Witherspoon in his latest post, as he was very complimentary towards her, wondering how she even has time to respond to his Instagram!

I am curious if at any point we'll see Kutcher in any type of role alongside his wife and actress Mila Kunis. There were some Kutcher fans who commented on this post hoping to see a rom-com with the star couple attached. We haven't seen those two on screen together since they were on That 70's show together.

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