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They sometimes embarrass themselves in front of neighbors at karaoke night.

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Iowa native Ashton Kutcher has been stepping back into the spotlight this year. Not only did he make a hilarious cameo in the 'That '70s Show' spinoff 'That '90s Show' with his wife and former co-star Mila Kunis, but he also has a new romcom set to premiere in February.

The movie has the father of two sharing the screen with fellow A-lister Reese Witherspoon. 'Your Place Or Mine' is set to premiere on the streaming giant on February 10th.

In a recent interview with Esquire, the actor turned venture-capital investor shared some inside details about his time in Hollywood and what his life is like now.

Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids in 1978, but after his parent's divorce he ended up moving to Homestead with his mom and stepdad. Homestead has a population of approximately 150 residents. 

You can check out the inside of his childhood home down below!

Ashton Kutcher's Childhood Home in Homestead, Iowa

The well-known actor hails from Iowa. Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids and spent his formative years in Homestead. The later is where he helped his step-dad build this space nearly 30 years ago. In 2015, Ashton decided to give his mom the surprise of her life when he redid their basement space.

Years later, he and his entire family are now living in Beverly Hills near some of the biggest and brightest stars. In the cover story, Kutcher revealed a hilarious mistake he made at a Hollywood get together.

Kutcher and Kunis live near someone who he calls "an extraordinarily well known singer that is maybe the best singer today."

One evening, the couple were invited over to this neighbor's home for a karaoke party. The host performed a song that was "out of this world, bananas!" Then a young man who Kutcher doesn't recognize gets up to perform a song by ABBA.

The actor and his wife were absolutely floored by the performance, so they went up to him once the song was over.

"We're like 'Man! I gotta tell you something, you're a're really good!'"

This mysterious musician seemed genuinely appreciative of the kind words the 'That '70s Show' stars said to him.

A friend of Kutcher's told him that the guy they talked to was actually a professional singer. One of the best and most popular in the industry actually!

In a turn of events, Ashton Kutcher told Harry Styles how great of a singer he was! He didn't even recognize the former boy band member.

"Now I feel like a jerk! He's a professional singer and we're trying to tell him he's a good singer..."

"I just really want to say I'm sorry, Harry Styles"

You can watch a part of the video down below!

@esquire What is truly bananas here is not recognizing #HarryStyles. #ashtonkutcher ♬ original sound - Esquire

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