The celebrity shoutouts just keep on rolling in for Iowa Hawkeyes star, Caitlin Clark. Last week she received some fantastic compliments from one of the NBA's best. Arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry, recognized Caitlin's game and mentioned just how talented she really is. When one of the greatest shooters of all time says "no shot is a bad shot when you can shoot it as well as she can", you're doing something right.

Another all-time great is showing Clark some love on social media. One of the best professional wrestlers of all time, John Cena, has jumped on the Hawkeye and Caitlin Clark bandwagon. If you're unfamiliar with John Cena the wrestler, you may know John Cena from his various acting gigs. He's appeared in The Independent, Vacation Friends, The Suicide Squad, and Fast And Furious 9. He also stars as a superhero in the HBO show called Peacemaker.

At one point during the Hawkeye vs Louisville game this past Sunday, Caitlin used a signature John Cena wrestling move on the court. No, she didn't use the Stepover Toehold Facelock to submit her opponent. She didn't drop someone to the canvas with his signature AA finishing move. This was a little more subtle. She busted out the "you can't see me" after hitting her 6th three-pointer of the game.

At the 1:40 minute mark of Johns's appearance on Jimmy Fallon, he actually explains where the origins of his signature move began. It all started as a dare.

After knocking down her 6th three-pointer of the game, Caitlin had some fun with her very own "you can't see me" maneuver, and of course, John recognized this immediately...even if the broadcasters during the game didn't know what she was doing.


John does have a point. On this incredible run she's been having during the tournament, it appears as if no one can guard Caitlin Clark right now. The Hawkeyes make their first Final Four appearance in 30 years on Friday (March-31) and they take on the number 1 seed in South Carolina. Hopefully, SC can't guard any of the Hawkeyes on Friday.

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On Sunday, the #6 Iowa women defeated #2 Indiana on a 3-point shot at the buzzer by Caitlin Clark.

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