I asked and YOU answered!

It is getting into that time of winter that I like to call "deliver/takeout season." I am talking about food delivery to your house or picking it up on the way home. You know how it gets so cold that you just don't want to go out to restaurants but you don't want to cook either, so you decide to hibernate and order delivery and basically make someone else go out in the cold to bring you food (shout out to all delivery drivers for keeping us lazy people fed). More often than not the thing we order the most is pizza.

So since this season is approaching, I decided to find out who has the best pizza in the Cedar Valley. I asked our Facebook friends to vote for their favorite pizza in the Cedar Valley and we have a clear winner....

. The winner is..... Chad's Pizza & Restaurant in Cedar Falls! With an overwhelming amount of votes for Chad's my congratulations goes out to the business! I haven't even tried Chad's before but after reading some comments, I am going to have to. Check it out.

Of course, Chad's wasn't the only pizza place mentioned. Coming in a close second is The Other Place followed by Tony's La Pizzeria, Casey's and Geno's which round out the top 5! I must also mention honorable mentions include Joe's, Lighthouse, Mama Nick's, Z's and Doughy Joey's!

Check out more suggestions and comments about how good all of these pizza joints are on our Facebook page!

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