When my wife and I were leaving a Super Bowl party we attended this past Sunday and as we were walking to the car, we saw a pizza delivery man. I thought to myself "Man, that would stink having to work during the Super Bowl." It turns out that, that pizza delivery man likely made a killing it tips this past Sunday.

If you ordered pizza this past Sunday, the restaurant likely had your order ahead, or you likely had to expect a little bit longer wait time than normal. Pizzas go flying in and out of ovens everywhere on Super Bowl Sunday. According to Fox45, around 12.5 million pizzas are sold and delivered during the big game.

According to Pizza Today, pizza places see an increase in sales anywhere from 30-35% on Super Bowl Sunday. While that might seem like the busiest day of the year for pizza, Super Bowl Sunday comes in a very close 2nd place.

Unsplash - Ivan Torres
Unsplash - Ivan Torres

Iowa's Busiest Pizza Day of the Year

If you had a longer wait than normal this past Sunday, wait until you try and order a pizza on the busiest pizza day of the year. While the Super Bowl is a very close 2nd, the busiest day for pizza is Halloween, according to West Side Pizza. I didn't realize ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and pizza paired so well together.

When I first was curious about the busiest days for pizza, I would've guessed New Year's Eve as the busiest day but it turns out that Halloween takes the number 1 spot. *Guess your 5 busiest pizza days each year*

These are the busiest pizza days each year. How many did you guess correctly? Let us know in the comments.

  • 1 - Halloween
  • 2 - Super Bowl Sunday
  • 3 - New Year's Eve
  • 4 - New Year's Day
  • 5 - The day before Thanksgiving

Whether you're ordering pizza for the big game, a party, or dinner for the family, one thing almost all Americans agree on is their love for pizza. According to Bake Mag, 98% of Americans eat pizza. We might not agree on the toppings or ingredients but almost all of us agree that pizza is damn good.

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