COVID-19 has been unkind to the state of Iowa lately... Are we heading for another shutdown of most businesses? Unlikely, though bars in Black Hawk and 5 other counties will be shutdown most of September. During the pandemic, we've been on our computers and cell devices more then ever. Whether researching ways to escape, or looking up anything but current events news, we've been busy clicking and tapping and Googling. The website Zippia has come up with each state's most Googled search during the quarantine months (which was mainly April-early July) and Iowa's was... very fitting.

Iowans Googled 'Stock Tank Pools'. If you aren't familiar, a stock tank pool is a pool made from (usually) galvanized steel. They're usually a couple feet deep and about 8-10 feet wide. In a nutshell, it's a kiddie pool on steroids. With 2020 bringing about pool shortages nationwide, many Iowans have improvised. My in-laws for example, used a cattle tank (fully cleaned-up) as a stock tank pool. Iowa was only state to search for anything pool related, which is interesting considering it was late spring/summer everywhere in the U.S.

Some other... interesting Google searches include our neighbors to the south, Missouri, Googling 'Meth Recipe' (hmm...) Florida researching 'How To Sleep At Work', Illinois looking for 'McDonald's Value Menu' and Minnesota looking up 'Boxed Wine'.

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