Let's be honest, having a cat does not mean you are a lonely, desperate woman who is miserable in life. In fact if you had a cat during quarantine, it is just the opposite!

According to a study done by a global cat food company, Royal Canin, Americans see cats as their unlikely heroes during quarantine! The company surveyed 2,000 Americans asking them about their relationships with their cats during the pandemic. 57% of cat owners felt less alone during quarantine while 49% said their cats helped to lower their anxiety.

With all the extra time at home, cat owners also stated that 76% of them became closer with their pets not noticing the loneliness as much as they explored new places with their pets. In fact the number of cat owners has also increased during the pandemic as more people sheltered/fostered cats or bought them during this time.

So I guess in general, we have our pets to thank for keeping us as sane as possible during the pandemic. They really are our unsung heroes.

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